Health & Nutrition Coaching

I believe if we start now we can take charge of our health and wellbeing. Why wait until your health is failing to start taking care of your body? Preventing those issues is where it starts. Health is much more than exercising and eating salads. It is a well balanced combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Health coaching is not a how to get fit quick program or a summer bikini ready challenge. It is a program tailored to you to help you reach your best self.

We will set goals together and we will set up a personalized plan to incorporate healthy habits and turn those habits into a lifestyle. I want to inspire you to improve your overall health, happiness & well-being while being there to guide and support you along the way. I believe the cornerstone to a healthy happy life is giving our bodies the proper fuel to function at its optimum level. The fuel we provide our bodies with affects every aspect of our lives. That is why I put a large focus on getting proper nutrition and eating to support and balance the different facets of well-being.

I will be taking clients starting in January 2018. Until there I will be active blogging and sharing recipes and tips both on here and on Instagram. Please contact me with any questions until then.